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Trailer: You’ve Found Light in the Fog Podcast

About this Podcast: You’ve found Light in the Fog Podcast.One host is a transgender witch Gen...

S01E01: Breaking the Cyle

Meet our favorite way of dealing with this and all the other worlds: escapism!! About this...

S01E02: Rapture Pantry

About this Podcast: In this episode, Jenny relates the origin story of her synchronistic...

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Meet your hosts

One’s a transgender Gen Z. One’s a psychic medium Gen X. Both are artists, activists, mentally ill -- and very down for the metaphysical.

Jenny Mueller

Jenny T. Mueller has always had an intense love for stories and an intense empathy for pain. An elder Gen Zer, she has found witchcraft and healing through the world and her community, and understands that we all need therapy. She is often busy writing, swimming, or watching movies, but is always down for a magical cup of tea and a chat. This is her first aura photo — see the spirit guides?!

Trai Cartwright

Trai Cartwright has been channeling story her whole life. A proud Gen Xer, she’s worked for over 30 years as a film producer, screenwriter, consultant, and professor. She can often be found wrestling her PTSD feral monkeys, as well as all manner of things that go bump in the night. As a trained psychic medium and energy healer, she’s trying to improve the state of being, one story, one healing, and one past life karma clearing at a time. She is a professional energy healer and can be found at